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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Pivot 3

Surveillance users are running up against hard power and cooling limitations as they record more cameras, introduce higher resolution cameras, and lengthen video retention times. Simply adding conventional servers and storage means that power and cooling needs to grow linearly with camera requirements.

Many security and IT professionals believe that general purpose IT shared storage will deliver the performance and high availability to continuously record full motion high-definition video streams without data loss. Others in the industry state that the general purpose IT storage whether DAS, SAN or NAS is not designed for 24×7 write intensive, HD video surveillance workloads.

And, unlike IT applications that have users ready to call the help desk if performance lessens, cameras blindly assume that the system is keeping up. Without a purpose-built storage system optimized for continuous video write performance you run the risk that some data may not be stored at all and not be available when you need it most but thought you had it.

Here at Zone APS, we have designed our open architecture PSIM platform Arbitor™ to be Agnostic to the devices integrated into it, allowing the end user and industry trends to dictate the final requirements.

Arbitor™ can handle multiple storage solutions or a single solution for example IBM, NetApp Data Storage, Pivot3™.