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Our Commitment to Business Integrity

Zone Advanced Protection Systems (Zone) is committed to ensuring that its activities reflect our ethical values of honesty, fairness and transparency. Zone will not tolerate corruption, bribery and any unfair, anti-competitive activity, Zone insists on integrity in all aspects of its business and from all those it does business with.

Zone recognises the threat that bribery and corruption pose to economic progress and development in the countries in which it operates, and is committed to complying with the requirements of the relevant laws of those countries, as well as relevant cross-boundary legislation.

Zone forbids the payment and receiving of bribes on its behalf and will maintain an adequate system of procedures designed to prevent bribery by any person associated with the company.

Clients and Business Partners
Ethical basis of Zone’s relationships

Zone will work for clients and with business partners, that comply with internationally acceptable ethical standards and where its commissions are consistent with generally accepted ethical standards. Zone will not undertake or support any form of commission known to be breaching, as a policy or strategy, the generally accepted ethical standards of its home country or the country in which it is operating.


Zone will conduct relationships with clients and business partners in the spirit of transparency, openness and trust, albeit with due regard to considerations of commercial or personal confidentiality. Zone does not permit the establishment or maintenance of any undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset, and insists that proper and full records must be made of all transactions on behalf of the company.

Zone employees

Zone employees shall act in an ethical, honest and professional way in all of their business dealings, and may not offer, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or may be construed as, a bribe. Any demand for, or offer of, a bribe or inducement to act in any way contrary to our principles must be rejected immediately.

Conflict of interest

Zone employees are required to avoid any contact that might lead to, or suggest, a conflict of interest between their personal activities and the business of Zone or its clients. All employees are required to disclose family links or other close relationships with a relevant decision-maker in a client, supplier or competitor organisation; financial interests in a client, supplier or competitor organisations and any activities on behalf of a client or another in such a way that the trust vested in Zone by a third party (client or other business partner) may be abused.


Zone requires all employees to report promptly to the company any violations of law or company policies that come to their attention and to co-operate fully in any audit, enquiry, review or investigation by the company. Zone will maintain secure reporting systems to enable such reports to be made in confidence.

Employee awareness

Zone will ensure that its employees are aware of the company’s business principles and this business integrity policy. Employees will receive guidance and supervision on ethical behaviour and legal compliance relevant to their role and the employees knowledge and understanding will be regularly assessed. Ultimately, if employees fail to comply with this policy, they are liable to disciplinary action, up to, and including, dismissal.