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Arbitor™ Modules

Arbitor™ is Designed to be scalable, robust and future-proof- developed from the ground-up utilizing .NET 4.5 Microsoft framework with Windows Workflow Foundation – the very latest, proven technologies and algorithms certified for high reliability in mission critical systems.

Live View

  • Totally customisable, viewing screen layout can be configurable by operator, time of day or site viewed.
  • Auto arranges cameras based upon layout.
  • As many pages as needed can be created.
  • The PTZ camera can be locked to avoid overriding PTZ functionality with other operators.
  • Speedy recap of customize time duration ( for example last 5 minutes) of an event.
  • The bookmark event can be created to immediately record key incidents

Site Map

  • Multi-layered map facility to provide quick resources overview.
  • Interactive displays which allow the user to view and analyse real-time plotted objects (for example Radar track data).
  • Interaction with the resources on the map (for example lock and unlock doors, stream live or playback camera feeds).
  • Different icons can be set to indicate the state of a resource (for example door closed/armed, closed/disarmed, open/disarmed, forced open, held open or offline).


  • Intuitive play, pause and rewind functionality.
  • Consistent time-stamp on all recorded images.
  • Export recorded clip with video compression.
  • Synchronized playback from multiple simultaneous cameras.
  • Instant playback of videos form events.
  • Restrict user groups to playback or export videos.
  • Sped up playback video to 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x & 128x.
  • Export recorded video into .avi format which is compatible with all major media players.

Event Management

Arbitor™ admin provides complete design control, enabling the alarms to be presented and handled in a customized way including:

  • Customised column size, content and position.
  • Event, alert and alarms display.
  • Fully configurable visual appearance of display.
  • Multiple concurrent views of the alarms or incidents.

Video Wall

  • Support Camera Tour which allows operators to watch multiple cameras over time.
  • Creating customized layout by adding or removing rows/columns individually.
  • Drag and drop cameras, prescribed or user defined SMS on any tile for situation awareness.
  • Automatically pops up camera feed from the associated device.

Reporting and Audit Trial

  • Resource health monitoring to facilitate problem identification.
  • Arbitor™ interface allows reporting functionality including elements such as detailed reporting on each security system events, alarms, operator’s actions.
  • Full customisable reporting functionality which allow an authorized operator to create a report from system logs based on customisable parameters (for example users passing through a specific door within a specific time-frame)..

Workflow Management

  • Arbitor™ workflow provides key definable components that are dragged onto the design window to create uniquely tailored processes and procedures which enforce the desired business rules.
  • Arbitor™ workflow enables inputs and outputs of all relevant subsystems within an organisation to be brought together and managed.
  • It provides an intuitive, simple way to tailor the most complex elements into one seamless process (for example when an event happens, a security occur is prompted to follow embedded security response processes and reporting the protocol).

Resource Management

  • Seamless integration of 3rd party devices providing a proactive situational awareness.
  • Handel device status & their geographical location via a Common Operating Picture (COP).
  • Manipulate system setting for each security subsystem.
  • Add unlimited number of hardware devices within fraction of seconds by importing .csv files.
  • Powerful in-build functionality to create new custom define resource category for cost-effective management.

User Management

User Management allows System Administrator with a flexibility to assign permission of entire site based upon the individual user groups, for example

  • Zone and resource access restriction, PTZ camera controls permission, View Video archives, Export Video or view cameras live streaming.
  • Also, in critical situation System Administrator can force log off or lock any client from the network to prevents connecting with the Arbitor™ System.

Site Builder

  • Designate from miscellaneous map type such as ‘Bing’ (GIS Maps), ‘OpenStreetMap’ or ‘Image’ as site blueprints.
  • Dynamically zooms in and out of maps using mouse scroll wheel.
  • A hierarchical managed view of the entire site.
  • Save time and increase productivity by importing zone configuration from .csv files.
  • Add images (such as floor plans, ground-plans, critical infrastructural layouts or aerial view) for multiple-layered maps.

Layout Builder

User Management allows System Administrator with a flexibility to assign permission of entire site based upon the individual user groups, for example

  • Sustainable to crate up to 36 Tiles per Layout on unlimited pages.
  • Influential functionally to create and customize layout including merge or split cells.
  • Classify intensity of the individual cell as ‘User’, ‘Alarm’ or ‘Tour’.
  • Use newly formed layout strait away in ‘Live View’ by simply drag and drop.