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Arbitor™ Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Arbitor™ Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Arbitor™ is a world-class leading edge software innovation. It offers the End User seamless integration to 3rd party devices as well as a (user defined) Intelligent Workflow via a Single Head End GUI.

Developed with 30 years’ experience in the security industry, Arbitor™ is a genuine enterprise PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) that was developed with the End User in mind and is presently being deployed at a secure facility in Australia.

Arbitor™ offers a single Head-End easy-to-use interface that provides a fit-for-purpose software package for integrating video surveillance, access control, emergency communication systems, building management systems, network, servers and storage; to mention a few.

Arbitor™ Software is developed from the ground-up utilising .Net 4.5 Microsoft framework and 20 years of R&D from Zone Engineering and Management teams.

Arbitor™ Key Differentiators

Arbitor™ Modules

Security Devices & Surveillance

Arbitor™ Distinguished Features
  • Portal Approach to Rendering Information and User-Control where Users do not have to navigate to multiple pages or tabs to achieve the desired functionality.
  • Full VMS Functionality with the ability to swiftly integrate with 3rd party Analytics.
  • Support for ALL Physical and Electrical Domain Device Types such as thermal, pressure, infrared, radars, RFID, proximity, electrical and optical via OPC or Custom-built interface based on XML industry standard.
  • Site Builder with view of graphical and textual site notations.
  • Graphical Layout Builder enabling User to create any desired layout via graphical utilities.
  • Easy to Use drag-and-drop onto a Video Wall.
  • Hierarchal Site Map where Users can navigate through one or more levels of site maps with instant live view for selected map-point on interest.
  • Arbitor™ Intelligent Notifications Centre (email, SMS) based on actioned based on both prescribed and on-the-fly rules.
  • Text-To-Voice delivering messages anywhere anytime driven by prescribed and/or on-demand business rules (Note: requires support for external Comms subsystems).
  • Graphic-Centric Rules, Conditions and Resolution to optimise system performance.
  • Support for Fixed and Dynamic Location Feed both pixel-based and GPS feed.
  • Public Address & Emergency Audio Systems